I don’t predict the future, but I identify likely futures
by Goldy Handler
January 28, 2019
Psychic abilities have gotten a bad rap, for good reason.

If you’ve ever visited a psychic, it’s likely you’ve been given an exciting prediction… which never came true. Or, you’ve been given a scary prediction… which fortunately did not come true.

Should we then dismiss the idea of true psychic abilities?


Is the purpose of psychic abilities to tune into a future that has not yet happened?


Of course not.


Psychic abilities are innate in all of us. We are all tuned into the same universal consciousness. We are all made of the same stuff. (Physicists even say we are all located in the same time and space!)


Psychic abilities within each of us can focus intently on another person, and instantly know what they truly want and need. This is known as empathy, but in a more “magical” mode than we’ve been taught is possible. Time to go deeper!


When one hones their psychic abilities, such as through immersion in a HEALING or HELPING profession, they can develop more subtle and sensitive empathic skills. This can include visualizations about what’s occurring in another person’s body, sensitivity to their emotional vibrations, and intuiting what they are consciously or subconsciously feeling, wanting, needing, or even repressing. One may tune into the person’s deepest spiritual abilities, gifts, powers and potential. They may know more about the other person than the person is aware about themselves (because they are focusing on the person’s conscious AND subconscious mind).


In this space, one can see what the person’s next steps should be, such as which locations may be optimal for them to live in, which people they need to reach out to and connect with, and even which foods and nutrients the person’s body needs within the next few weeks and months.


A Course In Miracles says that “Healing is making whole”. A person who truly desires to heal and help someone, aims to make them whole. This involves filling in the gaps between who and what they are now, and what it would take for them to feel whole, flowing, complete and fulfilled. This often requires “feeling into” what next steps they should take, and which people, things, and circumstances are “coming towards” them, in assistance to complete their soul’s current journey. (Once the individual’s purpose, goal, or desire is completed, a new cycle of yearning and seeking begins, and the healer can intuit those next steps for the person, as well…)


One should never “predict” any aspects of someone’s future, because free will makes life open to change at any moment. However, the healer can and SHOULD track the person’s current energy patterns, to accurately identify the person’s likely future events, based on their current path and choices. They should then re-route the energies within the person leading to harmful future destinations, and create new energy pathways to lead to better future realities.

Psychic abilities such as X-Ray Vision are mysterious, but so is life, and existence, itself! We ARE all created as “something from nothing”.  How does  THAT make sense?


I’m elated that we are now in a time in history, where unicorns, magic, and the mystical are enthusiastically embraced. I joyously invite you to come along with me on this otherworldly, and this-worldly, journey; through the layers of one’s mind, consciousness, soul, as well as past, present and future.


Tons of love to you all! <3




“If you use it (the body) to reach the minds of those who believe they are bodies, and teach them through the body that this is not so, you will begin to understand the power of the mind that is in BOTH of you.”


“Learning must lead beyond the body to the reestablishment of the power of the mind in it. This can be accomplished only if the mind extends to other minds…”


– A Course In Miracles


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