divine Connection and oneness during an x-ray Vision reading

by Goldy Handler
July 15, 2018

During x-ray vision readings, divine connection, soul synchronization, and oneness are the natural reaction. 

When someone cues me to initiate a reading, my energy and soul synchronize with theirs. My breathing slows, and I energetically begin downloading the soul-map illustrated on their nervous system, musculature, and overall body language. 

A tremendous amount of love comes rushing over me, as I see straight through them, to the extreme radiance and light of their innermost soul. Beautiful images become superimposed over different parts of their body, based on events and feelings that are associated with that body part and the life energy it symbolizes. Their physical body becomes a collage of all the dazzling, fascinating, and wonderful things that they’ve filled their life with, as well as the energies they’ve inherited from their family, biology, and culture.

Each time someone opens themselves up for a reading, they are allowing themselves to be fully seen, in all their soul’s brilliance. My heart breaks open, and I am tempted to exclaim “I love you!”, whether I’ve known that individual before, or not. There is a soul to soul connection that is unlike any other feeling. There is a recognition that we were always one, are one, and love each other in our fullness and perfect imperfection.

I’m enormously honored each time I get to see someone in all their glory. I thank God each day for this gift of true soul connection and reciprocity, and the bliss that emanates from it. 

In effect of the soul synchronization that occurs, the person being read feels a physical release as their energy flows to new spaces within their body and soul. The consistent reaction to a reading is, “I feel so much lighter!” Indeed, light makes us feel light, and love is the brightest thing in the universe. 


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