Is a condition curable?
by Goldy Handler
December 30, 2018

Anything occurring in one’s body is a fragment of their entire energy flow, and it can be redirected towards a pleasurable purpose. 

During x-ray vision readings, I view the person’s entire energy system. This includes the patterns of activities they do, things they love, and health or disease conditions in their body.

If someone has a health condition, that is only a relatively small fraction of their entire, powerful, creative energy system. By holistically reading, scanning, and investigating all of the person’s energy patterns, stuck energy can be re-channeled and re-directed to where it truly wants to go. This frees up the person’s overall energy  flow to resolve the health or psychological dis-ease that is occurring. But more importantly, it allows that stuck energy to now be available for powerful creative use. This is the purpose of a health condition in the first place; to alert us to creative powers and abilities within us to serve the world, which we weren’t previously aware of.

The next evolutionary step, therefore, is a blossoming and stepping into one’s greatest power and potential. The person is transformed into a spiritual teacher and person of service, sharing their unique gifts with the world.

In effect, the person is physically healed, emotionally freed, and spiritually uplifted to a plane of joy and consciousness that is even higher than when the dis-ease occurred.

In the process of liberating one’s divine life energies, the person connects with inner resources that allow them to bring new gifts of purpose into their life and the lives of others. New abundance, prosperity, and blessings flow into their life, as a result of the clarity that the x-ray vision reading, inner exploration, and energy release evokes.

If your doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist informed you that your condition is permanent or incurable, what I can tell you with absolute certainty, based on hundreds of fully accurate readings, is that what you have is an energy block that just wants to be seen and released. This will allow your trapped potential to come to fruition and your gifts to finally be shared with the world.

A Course In Miracles states that our bodies are “learning devices”. Anything that occurs in our bodies is a message that our spirit needs and wants us to hear and follow. If you explore that, you will discover and manifest your deepest truth and identity. You will be your most happy, powerful self, and the world will be more prosperous and whole, because you are finally sharing your full self with it.


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