Medical Intuition, Telepathy, And X-Ray Vision

by Goldy Handler

December 29, 2018

X-Ray Vision sessions begin with focusing intently on a person’s body. As my range of vision widens, I am magnetized to the location in the body which hold the most energy.

Each body part represents a specific life topic. For example, the energy in one’s feet indicates how they feel about home. The face holds their social energy. The neck holds self expression. The torso indicates the person’s relationship to their core self.

Most commonly, people hold their strongest energy in their feet or face. Less commonly, the intensity is greatest around the heart or an organ that may be dis-eased.

As attention is focused, the body part that feels “seen” relaxes, and allows the body part with the next-greatest level of energy to show itself.

Each person’s body maps out a story about how they feel in various aspects of their life. As we travel through different parts, I witness the dynamic, artistic, and magnificent blueprint of that person’s life, including their past and even future possibilities.

Through a combination of X-Ray Vision and Telepathy, I am able to see 1) the level of brightness of each body segment, which indicates the degree of joy in that part of their life 2) whether that area flows, or whether there is a void or block in their energy 3) specific symbols the person associates with that part of their life. For example, if there is someone or something very dear to their heart, an image of that specific person or item will appear as a mirage.

When an area of the body appears see-through (energetically), it indicates no energy in that part of their lives. For example, if the energy in their face is clear, it indicates the person is not using energy socially at this point in their life.

When a body part is blackened, it signifies that the person feels negative about, or is blocking themselves, in that area of their lives. The good news is, with X-Ray Vision and telepathy,we shine the light of awareness on the cause of the block, as well as what we can do to lift it. Many people have darkened areas in their head (thoughts), around their heart (feelings), or in any other area of their life (body) that is stressful. During X-Ray Vision sessions, the cause for this darkness is revealed through symbols and pictures, which the person instantly recognizes as true. They can clearly understand what their subconscious mind is holding about that part of their lives, and can calmly release it. We can then co-create a better path for their body, mind, and life.

Images are very particular to the person being read, so there is no ambiguity about whether the reading is specifically about their energy. For those who love dolls, dolls show up in my mind, with images of specific types of dolls (ex: teddy bear), appearing superimposed over where they like to hold the doll (their chest, or lap). For someone who likes to play violin, I will see a violin sitting in their arms, despite their sitting with empty arms during the reading.

X-Ray Vision evokes images of specific organs or body systems, and telepathy facilitates viewing objects, people, and symbols that relate to their wellbeing.

I love doing these sessions, because over the course of the readings, the person’s body becomes covered in a kaleidoscope of images of all the things they hold dear. Each human (or animal- I read them, too!) appears as a holographic collage of unfathomable beauty, glowing in loving light. Color auras appear as well, based on the chakras the person uses most dominantly. The person’s energy field takes on a shape specific to their individuality. It is the most visual evidence of the uniqueness  of each soul.

I look forward to sharing this with those who want to know their divine self, and live their best life.


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