Guidance in discovering your own spirituality

Were you taught that God wrote a specific book, and has a list of rules for you to follow? What if that’s not true? What if the God within you knows the truth, and is guiding you every moment — including this one?

I grew up in an insular religious community where I was trained to follow strict laws for every area of my life. I have since reconnected with God, this time through my heart, mind, and gut. This intimate connection is an ever-increasingly beautiful experience, which enables me to connect more fully with every person, thing, experience and energy I encounter.

I wish to gift you with the same grace.



  • $500 / 1 x 90 minutes
  • $800 / 1 x 3 hours
  • $1300 / 3 x 90 minutes

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Goldy can see a person's inner experience and speak to it.

I felt her in there like a doctor, scanning my energy. No healer I've worked with before has been able to relieve the pinch in my shoulder, but she loosened it during the first reading. 

The world needs what she's offering. It's wonderful to experience her gift.

Jared Bull

Transformational Coaching

Right after my X-Ray Vision session,

*I felt oxygen exuding all over my body
*I slept for 9 hours without waking
(I have insomnia)
*I woke with less pain in my arm from the torn ligament
*I realized I started to detox, based on how my body felt
*I came across exercises to help me with the energy block in my heels, which Goldy mentioned during the session.  
                                                                  Goldy has activated all of this for me. So, my heartfelt thanks to her. Lot's of love. I feel so grateful.

Volunteer Gardener at a UK Ashram

I really love the Raggedy Ann doll you sent to me, based on reading my energy and identifying that this would help me.

You were spot on; you knew I'd appreciate having her before I knew I would. I'm so happy with her, and keep taking her with me when I go to bed or to the kitchen.

What you said about increasing the red color in my environment, and how I need to focus on my root chakra (symbolized by red), makes a lot of sense.

Since I started this conversation with you, I'm noticing I'm warmer. I'm starting to do more physical activity like fitness, going outside and walking. I'm more of a go-getter, and get things done. All those are associated with the first chakra, and it's cool to see all these energetic shifts taking place.

I'm sure this Raggedy Ann doll will help a lot, because she's so sweet, and I love her!!

Marleen Renders

Visibility Coach & Mentor for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

I used Goldy's services, and they were on point!

I found her very accurate and authentic, and heartfully recommend it for anyone who desires insight into deeper feelings within.

David Fishman

Teacher of A Course In Miracles

During my X-Ray Vision Reading, Goldy saw an image of my hair flowing freely above my head. She didn't have a logical reason why that would stand out energetically, since many people wear their hair down.

The story behind it was that I used to be part of a strict church where as a woman, I had no rights. I had to wear a head covering to all of the services and I wasn't allowed to cut my hair. They had convinced me that it was in the Bible, and I had to follow these rules.

It's been a year and 8 months now since I left that church, chose to cut my hair, and let it flow freely whenever I chose.

I thought it was amazing that Goldy saw that image, thereby perceiving this new energy within me.

Elizabeth Caraballo

Infrastructure Project Manager

Since my X-Ray Vision session, I no longer suffer from digestive problems. They are completely gone. I eat and drink as much as I want without bloating, intestinal gas, or pain. I love it, because now I am eating 8 lbs. of crawfish, 2 beers and 4 potatoes each Wednesday night with friends. Afterwards, I feel light and good. I love that I no longer have to rush home because of discomfort and pain. Yay!!!!

Also, I am feeling more confident and am cultivating deep relationships.  I feel that this is a miracle, because these are areas I have been working through for most of my adult life.

Layla Stewart

Goldy is the real deal ~ passionate, insightful, generous, and truly gifted. She has both a deep curiosity and the vision to see and understand how various pieces fit together. After our conversation my life and health gently and easily moved in directions I’d wanted. If you’re ready to move into your next level of living, I highly suggest connecting with Goldy. You’ll learn so much about yourself and will gift yourself the experience of sitting in the presence of a true master.

Melinda Gates

Divine Openings Guide and Mentor

Goldy not only knew what was happening physically in my body, she went out and purchased a wrist brace to help me with the issue! The woman is gifted, spiritual, intuitive, generous, kind, gorgeous. Golden Goldy. She is pure love and light.

Stacie Peirce

Animal Rights Activist

I truly felt that Goldy could sense me, hear me and see me. It was exactly what I needed.  She was able to pinpoint exactly where I needed to put my intention. She also allowed me to speak my mind unfiltered.

It's easy to get blinded, and sometimes we just need a new set of eyes.

Sebastian Klahr

Perspective Coach

Psalms 34:14 states "Seek peace and pursue it." 

Goldy's healing work, in supporting people to burrow through their pain and stress to find their good energy,  creates that peace.

Melanie A. Headley

Real Estate & Landlord/Tenant Lawyer

Goldy was very on target with my reading!

I was experiencing back pain (which she identified without me mentioning it) and she gave me some ideas about how to release the tension.
I felt better quickly after practicing the stretches!

Goldy has such a positive and loving energy that’s lovely to experience!!

Michelle L. Ward

Reiki Practitioner

Goldy has an incredible ability to read not only humans, but animals as well!

In our previous session, Goldy provided a reading for my dog, Nyla. Nyla had a huge sore on her foot from excessive licking. Goldy was able to accurately see that Nyla’s excessive licking was her way of coping with an upset/ sensitive stomach. This ended up being very accurate information, as she's had stomach issues in the past. Nyla has also been eating grass for the past 2 years, which many people believe indicates a digestive difficulty.

As a result of the X-Ray Vision Reading, I now have the awareness about the true cause of her licking, and am therefore better able to address her digestive and foot issues at the level that can really cure them.

Raven Cooper

Mastery Mind Coaching

My session with Goldy was really amazing and super helpful. With her “X-Ray Vision”, she pointed out how I was holding my energy in certain areas. Then through a simple conversation, we shifted it. The most exciting part for me was that, as a result of talking with her, I’ve become better able to attune to and sense my own energy in certain sticky areas. It felt like her x-ray vision opened my eyes too!


Los Angeles