What is the fastest, easiest, most pain-free healing modality?
by Goldy Handler
January 7, 2019

Over the many years that I’ve explored healing and spiritual modalities, I’ve found that most require one to “go through” their pain or trauma in order to heal it. (“The only way out is through.”) This meant RE-experiencing the agony again, in order to release it. 

Such “facts of life” saddened and disappointed me. I refused to accept that life requires a person to re-live their suffering, in order to heal. Isn’t being hurt once enough?

X-Ray Vision is my answer to that discontent. I’m determined to stop the suffering, and instead catapult people directly into their joy, bliss, and euphoric new lives, NOW.

The main reason that people linger in suffering for so many years, is that it’s too difficult for them to “see” what they truly want. Their hopes and dreams have been squashed and denied for so many years, that they are buried too deep in their subconscious to even be located.

During an X-Ray Vision Reading, I peer into the person’s subconscious for them, by visually scanning their body posture, mannerisms, and subtle energy flow. I receive visual intuitions about specific events, scenes, and emotions that the person has experienced in their childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, or even very recently. I share these images, as well as my vivid  intuitions about what the person truly desires and dreams of, deep inside. The person immediately nods in deep recognition of these truths within their lives. Tears often come to their eyes, as they explain that they didn’t know those feelings were still there. They become receptive to shifting their energy patterns, by exploring nutritional, lifestyle, and core belief changes that immediately set them on a new path, thereby creating a completely new future. 

I am on a mission to stop the endless suffering of re-experiencing trauma. Everyone deserves the highest bliss, fulfillment and pleasure, right NOW. 

Although in the past, the paradigm has been navigating the pain in order to free one’s self, that is no longer necessary. With X-Ray Vision, you can soar directly to your innermost self, WHO ALREADY KNOWS YOUR DEEPEST JOY AND PURPOSE.

Much love and grace,


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