Is X-Ray Vision Possible? Yes, I have X-Ray Vision.
by Goldy Handler
April 25, 2019

Is it humanly possible to have X-Ray Vision? 


The answer is “yes!”, because I have it. 


What do I mean when I say I have “x-ray vision”? Am I superman? No, I’m an occupational therapist, with a normal job, who found out through her daily work that she has a gift. A psychic ability to see into the energy of others, specifically the details of their lives and health. In my mind, I can see peoples’ organs, bones, blood, as well as their emotions. I see the health of each body part, and any emotions, events and people who energetically affected the quality of the person’s health. Lastly, I can energetically shift and re-shuffle the person’s energies in my mind, to discover the precise physical (i.e. nutritional, exercise, healing modality) and social-emotional solutions that would allow the person to gain perfect energetic balance and health. 

If you’re curious to know more, you can watch some of my YouTube videos on my brand new YouTube channel, Goldy Handler X-Ray Vision Readings. I look forward to getting to know you, and seeing inside of you, to your essence! 


All the best!

Do you want to experience an X-Ray Vision Healing?


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